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"David" came into my office in severe pain. His head and neck were bent to the left and no matter what he tried he couldn't straighten them.

The pain began while David was on a trip to Seattle to meet some business associates for the first time. While leaving his hotel room, his neck went into a spasm. When David arrived and the men saw how much pain he was in, they immediately took him to a chiropractor. After several treatments there was still no relief.

In my office, I used kinesiology to determine how to proceed with David's treatment. Surprisingly, no physical adjustment was indicated. Further muscle testing determined that one of the colleagues David had met triggered the neck pain, surfacing judgments of anger and fear. These judgments appeared to be from a past life** where the man had been his master/owner and David had been a slave. In this memory, the master was angry that his slave had run away, so he manacled the slave around the neck and dragged him behind horses. The slave died cursing his master, his situation, and God.

I talked David through the forgiveness of the judgments and, as we did this, his head and neck slowly moved back into normal position. David turned his head from side to side and said, "It's all better."

None of David's symptoms has ever returned

"Elena" came into my office complaining of severe neck pain and inexplicable depression, both of which had started right after her husband brought home a business associate who was visiting from Europe. Everything in Elena’s life – career, finances, and relationship – appeared to be in balance. Still, she was plagued with uncontrollable bouts of crying and suicidal thoughts. It had started to negatively affect her job.

Kinesiology* determined that meeting her husband’s European associate surfaced unconscious feelings not related to now. (In the unconscious there is no time the way we know it.) In a past existence** , Elena had a one-night affair with the associate. When Elena’s husband discovered her indiscretion, he left her. Elena grieved for years hoping her husband would return. When it became clear that he was not coming back, Elena hung herself in despair (hence the neck pain.)

After forgiving herself for judging her adulterous actions and for having taken her own life, Elena’s neck pain and depression disappeared. She said that is was “like the sun came out!”

Seven year old “Allison” came to my office with a stomach ache. Using Kinesiology we determined that the stomach ache had an emotional cause.

Allison’s mother had been home schooling her because she refused to speak to anyone outside of her immediate family. The stomach ache began when she was told that she would be attending public school.

Muscle testing uncovered a past life where Allison had had leadership over a large group of people. She had made a decision that turned out badly and resulted in most of the people dying. At that time, she judged herself and vowed she would never be responsible for anyone ever again. The unconscious part of Allison (where all the judgments are held) believed that if Allison spoke to people, she would be responsible for them.

After she forgave the judgments and released the vows in the unconscious, her stomach ache disappeared. Two weeks later she entered second grade and started giving verbal book reports.

Now her parents have a hard time keeping her quiet!

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