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Soul Centered Clearing


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Core Concepts

My work revolves around the following core concepts which I have discovered to be true over the past three decades working with thousands of people:

- The body holds memories. Kinesiology (muscle testing) is a way of unlocking those memories.

- Our unconscious often holds judgments about the memories hidden inside us.

- In the unconscious, there is no time – minutes ago or 20 years ago can feel like now!

- Our judgments can create physical pain and emotional blockages.

- Outer circumstances can shift when the judgments are forgiven and the emotional issues are healed.



Working with the Basic Self

The Basic Self, or Inner child, which resides in the stomach area, is a core aspect of our consciousness. This is what provides “gut feelings.” Emotionally, the Basic Self is about four years old and is why adults sometimes act like children.

The Basic Self is a precious part of each of us. However, since it is so childlike, its feelings often get hurt. Until these feelings (judgments) are healed, we will continue to repeat patterns and situations that offer us the opportunity to heal through understanding and forgiveness. (Did you ever say, “Why does this keep happening to me?”)

By creating a safe, loving, accepting and non-judgmental space, we can access deep hurts and judgments held in the Basic Self.

We can then apply forgiveness and understanding which unlock the door to greater freedom and expression.



Ideal Scenes

Dr. Bishop will work with you to explore your ideal outcomes and desires in virtually any area of life, ranging from improved health and well being to finding your ideal job, home or personal relationship. She has helped people imagine their seemingly impossible good and create the conditions which can bring it to life.

I offer this work as a service and do not charge a fee for this work.

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