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I have been working with Inez since 1993. She is a wonderful combination of crystal clear intuition, scientific acumen, angelic loving presence, humor, and the ability to source healing.

Her work is incredibly valuable to my life and she is such a gift to this world!

Peter Bort, JD

Phoenixville, PA

Mediation, Divorce and Estate Planning Attorney

Each time I work with Inez a deepening of how life patterns have woven themselves together over time unfolds before me. I can rest in a new level of perception, acceptance and loving that translates forward into laughter, ease and refreshed movement. Her guidance over the years has provided a safe haven for me to explore my relationship with myself, my soul and with God. There is nothing sweeter and I am forever in a state of gratitude and awe with her presence in my life as an act of service and loving.

Dr. Lauren Nappen

Mechanicsville, PA

Chiropractor, natural healer, counselor and best selling author of Wishing You

I have experienced firsthand a miracle of healing from working with Inez. I have dealt with chronic low energy and fatigue for most of my of my life.

Inez assisted me in clearing the root cause and root lifetime of the low energy pattern which went into another time and place and not of this particular planet Earth.

My actions and my judgements against myself in that time resulted in the

low energy that I had been dealing with.

Inez has a Spiritual gift through working with the Holy Spirit of God and

of being able to assist for us to forgive ourselves

and to produce a clearing or freeing of patterns that many times are unconscious and have

nothing to do with our current life.

To my amazement and joy I found several weeks after working with Inez, that

I now have plenty of energy on a consistent and ongoing basis.

I highly recommend the gift of working with Dr. Inez Bishop.

Richard Klein

Newbury Park, CA

Senior Vice President, Sales, Red River Foods

I have been working with Inez for decades. I find work with her to be an essential element in my life. I love that Inez is in my universe and there for me.  Whenever I am stuck and in a rut despite doing my best at living my life, I know I can call and work with Inez. She always has the love and the care and the compassion for what I am going through, and I am so glad for this. Her work is very unique and amazing and I always find myself uplifted and healed on many, many levels, even in ways I don’t even realize. Her voice, her personality, her beingness is so loving and perfect, and her ministering to me really is simply divine and such a blessing. Being in a session with her is like being returned to God’s cradle. There really is no perfect way for me to describe the experience of her, but I highly recommend working with Inez to anyone and everyone.   

Bina Sinha

New York, NY

Elementary school teacher and Bariatric lifestyle coach

I have been working with Inez for many years. When I am really stuck and unable to resolve or move thru an issue or problem, whether it be inside myself or with others, I turn to Inez. Her ability to intuit and help me clear the blocks in my consciousness is powerful and amazing. I can feel the “energy or “charge” I had on the situation lift. The experience is like that of the sun's rays breaking through the clouds after a storm and everything is brighter, clearer and more joyful!

Inez is so understanding, so unconditionally loving in her approach and it helps me be the same with myself. She is compassionate and fun. She reminds me that I am loved and that forgiveness is the key.

I consider myself very fortunate to know Inez and to have her special work available to me.

Liz Plummer

West Chester, PA

Retired Clinical Director Mental Health Day Program and Elementary School Guidance Counselor

I was referred to Dr. Inez by a friend back in 2001. From my very first visit, my life started changing. More Love and more Light have been coming into my life. Starting slowly, this has become more and more powerful over the years. For example: I am a teacher of 20 years’ experience in the classroom. Over the last few years my sessions with Dr. Inez have gone deeper and deeper, clearing more than I ever thought possible. I now bring more Light and Love into my classroom than ever before.  By the end of this year, I received more notes, emails and gifts of thanks from students and parents than I have ever received in all of my years of teaching combined. I was overwhelmed with and deeply moved by the love coming back to me.

My work with Inez has been an amazing experience. I have watched her grow in the use of her gift. She is able to reach the heart of whatever issue is up for clearing efficiently and effectively. Dr. Inez has been so helpful checking on the Ideal Scenes that she suggests I write. These Ideal Scenes have been very, very powerful tools for creation of a more powerful, Love and Light filled life.

As I have worked with Dr. Inez, I have been able to feel when I have picked up energies that need to be released, or triggered a negative past experience that it is time to release for healing. I have been learning and growing from our work together. I highly recommend Dr. Inez for her unique healing gift and her generosity of spirit as she shares her gift.


Joy Supplee

Walnut Creek, California

High School Special Education Teacher and Case Worker

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